Normal outfits, please!!!

I’m so sick of this cold.
I can’t wear anything but layers upon layers and it’s stifling. I feel like the kid in “A Christmas Story” and if I add any more bulk to the lower part of my body, I will soon look like a star fish.

More than half my wardrobe is on it’s way to Chile (probably somewhere in the Pacific, floating along outside of Mexico). The other third is on the floor, in suitcases, crumpled beyond recognition. Today I took a shirt out, ironed it, put it on – only to realize it’s too cold to be wearing it.

And of all the times I’ve been to these malls, let me tell you – nothing is jumping out at me saying “BUY ME!! LOOK HOW CUTE I AM!!” Nothing. I’ve gone through these purchase lulls before but I think that part of my problem here is that I have attitude about the style. I don’t think it’s Chilean fashion – true fashion, mind you – that I have a holier-than-thou attitude towards but more so, it’s the department stores and what THEY carry. It’s.All.The.Same. Seriously. It’s like going to Nordstrom and just having Brass Plum to choose from — everywhere!

Ok, granted, I will be the first to point out that I’m no Posh Spice in the wardrobe department and who doesn’t need a little fashion help? I most certainly do. And I’m not saying that I have the best wardrobe around, because clearly I don’t (hi, Wonder Woman Tshirt, anyone?) I’m also not saying that I incorporate much color into my wardrobe as black, white and gray is pretty much the color palette in my closet. And I should also take into account that I haven’t really been anywhere that isn’t a mall (no boutiques or small, independent stores) and that I don’t know where to find them anyway. Also, I need to remember that more than half my wardrobe – and SHOES – are in the middle of the Pacific right now.

Ok fine. So in the end this wardrobe crisis doesn’t come down to Chile being the fashion armpit of South America (not that I know of yet anyway) and it doesn’t have anything to do with my own personal style and take on clothes.
It’s the cold.
I realized this in Tahoe a few years back – or was it during a dreadful winter in New York City – there really is NO LOOKING CUTE in the winter.
Puffa-lump jacket – it’s you and me, ugly together until at least September.

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