Right now, I’m doing something I haven’t done in ages.

I’m drinking a rosé as I write the first blog to initiate my sassy pants. I’m actually wearing shorts right now, but that’s six of one and half a dozen of another. The only thing YOU need to know is that my underwear is black and white striped and I’m wearing cargo shorts I bought my junior year in college. I bought the belt at Target.

In other news: I’ve spent the majority of my day annoyed and though I could list the reasons why I’m annoyed, I think I can adequately sum up said annoyance by stating that I merely miss time with my husband today. Earlier this morning he had an obligation with one of his kids and when he got home I couldn’t bring myself to drag him on a million errands we need to do before I start my new job on Monday. Instead, I told him that it made more sense to take a nap. That was three hours ago. And yes, even my dog’s snoring.

Obviously the only logical next step for me was to open a bottle of wine and proceed to initiate my new blog. It’s limitless, you know (I even said so in the title.) Initially with this post, I’d like to manage expectations. I’d like to tell you that I’m going to feel free to be me. You may not like that me and you may find it either disturbingly different from this me -OR- fantastically more brilliant. I might write things you’ll find rude. Then again, I might just write something you’ve always thought but never really voiced.

Of course I’m also going to manage my own expectations here as well. In my former blog life, I had a wonderful handful of followers. I was actually surprised anyone besides my close friends would even care about what I had to say. But of course, my blog back then was quite a niche blog (in my opinion) and I hope that with this blog, I’m able to fully express myself in all ways. I’m ok with the fact that those interested in expat life may very well opt out of reading about my strange musings … and I’m ok with that because somewhere out there are people who are currently annoyed at their still-sleeping husbands and who, like me right now, are also getting buzzed off a Chilean rosé while blogging and watching “High Fidelity.” To those new people, I say this: hi.

To my loyal peeps following me on over from the blog-that-once-was, I say this: Bitch please. You know I can’t quit you. :o)

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4 thoughts on “Limitless

  1. I love Sassy Pants!!! We used the term so much in my one class a couple of years ago that some girls made a video project called “The Legend of the Sassy Pants.” Cheers to you continuing to write!

  2. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FIRST DAY OF WORK!!! Cant wait to hear about it. and , ps, i’,m happy you didn’t quit bloggin. i can’t quit you.

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