Google Earth: handy tool or useful stalking mechanism?

Last night G introduced me to what might be THE BEST invention ever … Google Earth. If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you check it out, download it and start sightseeing/stalking different parts of the world.

I’m OFFICIALLY obsessed!!

I give you my Google Earth’s version of my apartment building (second bldg from the bottom right) Side note, I had NO IDEA that our neighbors had a pool on their roof!

So then we decided to check out all the destinations in Asia where we are planning to go on our Honeymoon – and THIS, was by far, the coolest thing ever:

See all those little blue squares? That’s where people have uploaded pictures in that area! The more squares, the more likely it’s a tourist attraction…


And one of the BEST TOOLS about this thingy is the street view option…not all destinations have this option but more likely than not, U.S. cities will for sure have it… here we have Tokyo (another Hmoon destination) and we also have a close up of a street in the Shinjuku district…watch as it zooms, zooms and ZOOMS!!:

Of course, I guess we can also see this as a scary Big Brother-type tool that allows people to stalk one another and allows big corporations (i.e. Google) to keep tabs on what we’re doing and where we’re going. Yeah, I guess we can go that route…but I’m pretty sure this has been going on for decades without us knowing and now it’s open and free for us to use! For the moment, we better just sit back and take advantage of this little tool to help us find our destinations (long gone are the MapQuest days of simple “turn right here” and “turn left here”)… I imagine that pretty soon they’ll have live cameras set up somewhere actually MONITORING live. Next thing you’ll know is that you’ll look out the window and see some droid filming what you’re presently doing, all because someone entered your building’s address in Google Earth!

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