Deviation (from the chaos) post

Just a quick post not related to the EQ and the stress it’s causing (to say the least) both here at home and in the country, I thought I’d share some pics of Obi’s life with us … he’s too cute for color tv!! (though I myself will call myself out in that he drives me nuts, puppies can be a pain in the behind and the allergies I have to him have me at wit’s end.) Other than that, j’adore our bulldog.

Obi coming home

Obi’s first car ride

First night at home with us

Little nugget

Sleeping …

Hanging out with me…

Little paws …

In his toy basket …(trying to get his toys, he found himself inside)

Looking oh-so-cute on the pillow my mom made for him

We got some great pictures yesterday afternoon of Obi running around the grass in our building’s backyard … so great because he runs sideways, like a crab! I’ll post at some point. For now, just thought I’d lighten up the blog posting … note that at this very second, I’m having a “my dog annoys me” moment so I need to hurry up and post this!!!

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4 thoughts on “Deviation (from the chaos) post

  1. I seem to have stumbled on secret society of blogging gringas in Santiago. I have been you each of your blogs and feel like I am going in circles! I want in! I from California and will be moving to Chile in August to be with my boyfriend/future husband? I prefer to not creep all of your blogs invisibly, but want to keep in touch to "prepare" myself for the Chilean life.

    What a perfectly little puppy.


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