The promise-to-write-more-soon post

I’m in a tizzy.

But more importantly, I’m sleepy and can’t possibly write more than what I’m about to write, so don’t hold your breath that this blog entry is going to be life altering. (That was a few posts ago and apparently, it seems you’ve missed it.)

I kid.

Seriously though … I’m writing from my hotel room in Sao Paulo right now where I’m eyeballing that bed over yonder that’s looking ever-so-cozy right about now. It’s been a long day. After a whirlwind arrival from Pucon, which is where G and I went this past weekend for some skiing and some hot spring submersion, I hopped another flight to the land of the happy people, otherwise known as Brazil.

I just want to jot down a few things that I want to touch base on in full detail post this Brazilian business trip. Call it a teaser for you avid readers out there (you know who you are … all 10 of you!)

In no particular order:

Termas Geometricas:

Our hotel in Pucon/Villarrica (before AND after):

The Lake Region in the South of Chile:

The fact that I’ll most likely be failing out of my masters program next week:

Life (as I see it) outside of Santiago as suggested by this shot of the Temuco airport at mid-day:

Me. Snowboarding…

…on Villarrica’s volcano …

Until I can give the proper attention due to all of the above, I’ll miss you snoochie-boochies. Don’t forget about me during this week’s hiatus!

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