Sign in the bathroom – I don’t understand

I took this picture when I was at the gym. I was using the bathroom – and before you wonder what I’m doing with a camera in the bathroom of my gym, let me explain! I used the bathroom after working out, hence I had my iPod with me which is ALSO my iPhone, which incidentally has a camera.

Anyhoo, I was using the bathroom and there is this sign in the stall and it’s to promote the use of this little container from a company called BioWay. The container is for “unmentionables” one my have used in the bathroom – lady supplies, if you will. Or, since a lot of the plumbing in Lat Am countries is not necessarily the most advanced, sometimes you have to throw out your USED (yes used) toilet paper into a waste basket so as to avoid clogging the toilet. The most modern facilities don’t really require that type of thing and the most hygienic of facilities will offer these fancy receptacles for throwing out all other types of items one may have used and/or touched during their stay in their bathroom.
The point is, there are these little receptacles that open and close via a sensor. You wave your hand in front of the sensor and it opens to “receive” your trash and then you wave your hand again and it disposes it for you in a bio-hygienic way. Fancy Schmance, right?

But here’s what I don’t get. Why is Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai promoting this thing/service/what have you – in Chile?? As far as I know, she isn’t all the rage here. I’m pretty sure the likes of Bradley Cooper and Clive Owen are MUCH more popular than Aishwarya Rai amongst Chilean women who are members of a gym in Vitacura. I don’t get it.

Further, here’s what the actual sign says (my comments follow in red):

Throw away your sanitary napkins, tampons and cotton [Yes it says cotton] in the container.

In using this container, you are:

  • Protecting your health [ok, I get that.]
  • Avoiding possible infection and contagion. [ok, got that too]
  • Maintaining the restroom hygiene [true, true]
  • Protecting the environment [Yeah, ok, I’ll buy that.]
  • Protecting your image as a woman [Scratch record, stop the presses – WHAT?!!!]

Now, I’m not sure if you’re really hearing me on this, but pray tell, WHAT does that EVEN mean?? My image as a woman meaning that I’m clean? And if I don’t use that receptacle does that mean I’m unclean and therefore tarnishing the image of all women in Chile?? Or worse, all women in the WORLD?
Or are tampons, therefore periods, associated with women and I should really be doing my part in protecting that image by throwing my tampons out there vs. the toilet because due to the faulty plumbing the thing COULD overflow and that would create a mess, which is unclean, therefore I go back to tarnishing a woman’s clean image throughout Chile.
I don’t even KNOW what to make of that statement or what the message is OR why, of all people, Aishwarya Rai is encouraging me to protect my image as a woman by using this gadget in the bathroom stall!! I mean, what if I don’t use it? What if I have NOTHING to throw in there? Or even if I did, and I declare anarchy and refuse to use it – what then??

Whatever. My point here is that I don’t like people telling me what to do, especially when I’m in the bathroom. And I ESPECIALLY don’t appreciate Miss Bollywood actress over here threatening me that if I don’t use the receptacle I’m tarnishing my image as a woman. I’m just sayin.
And if anyone out there has any inkling or even a suggestion as to what the intended message of this sign might be, please enlighten me. Truly. Enlighten me.

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6 thoughts on “Sign in the bathroom – I don’t understand

  1. Maybe they are worried that if you don't use this receptacle, you will put the used feminine products in your purse, or as an accessory in your hair, or tie it around your wrist as a bracelet, and therefore tarnish your image as a woman a la "Carrie."

    Who knows? It's bizzare.

  2. I know, it's SO strange. I just think it's all backward…like aren't you the one ruining YOUR image as a woman if you're nosing around in the normal trash after I've deposited something there? And how many tampon-borne diseases have you ever gotten in the US, where we don't have these little machines?

    I'd also never noticed who the woman was, but now that you mention it the whole thing just gets even more random!

  3. Very interesting and astute observations Andrea.
    Perhaps its time to ghave a hear to heart with the bio marketing folks b/c obviously they aren't hitting the right demographic with their message

  4. I have been thinking for so long about writing a blog post about that "tu imagen de mujer" or whatever offensive ass/nonsensical crap they have on those posters…what does that even mean??? i wonder if they have those on the mens room stalls…somehow i doubt it….great post!

  5. Yeah, I don't get that and I would have been offended. And I also don't get the Indian woman on it either. Maybe the Chilean women are protecting their image as women.

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