Spilling beans?

Last night I had a few ladies over for happy hour and I have to admit, I got really excited about showing people my wedding stuff…to the point that Gonzalo kind of freaked out on me, asking me in an exaggerated tone if I was going to show/talk about all the details to such an extent that nothing would remain a surprise at the actual wedding.


Who else am I supposed to show the actual dress to? The shoes? The table descriptions? The wedding band? My friends aren’t here!!! They won’t be here! Isn’t it part of the excitement – and RIGHT – for a bride to show all the new jewelry she bought to girlfriends who can ooooh and ahhhh over it??

The thing is, I didn’t realize how much I wanted to share all this stuff until last night. Actually, I realized it yesterday afternoon. I was on a conference call with work and my mother answered the door. It was Fed Ex delivering my shoes and jewelry for the wedding. It was at that point, when I saw the items I had picked on my own, that I wanted to share with everyone and tell them “Look! Look! This is what I’m going to wear when I get married!” And that’s exactly what I did last night with the friends I had over. I may have gone a tad bit too far when I whipped out the wedding band but then again, it was a mere 8-9 women who saw it and of those, 3 are invited to the wedding … they make up a small fraction of the people we know and a small fraction of those attending … so I can’t stress about having bombarded them with wedding stuff. I just hope they didn’t mind! Ack!

The fact is, I’ve spent the majority of the wedding planning under wraps. Mum’s been the word! Gonzalo and I have picked things out together, decided on items, highlights, events, moments and everything under the sun – just him and I. I’ve chosen to not share many details about the wedding until only recently. It wasn’t until my final dress fitting that I even sent pictures to ALL my friends back home and it wasn’t until last night that more than two people saw my band, my shoes or jewelry. I can safely say as well that my hair accessories and how I’ll wear my hair has been kept mum … in fact, SO MUCH has been on the DL, now that I think about it. Some things, like my shoes for example, have made cameos on Facebook (as of today) and that’s ok with me. Why NOT share it? Again I ask, who else am I supposed to share all this with? And is it wrong to want to share?

Discuss amongst yourselves. Meanwhile, I’m going back to my secret life of a bride-to-be. :o)

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2 thoughts on “Spilling beans?

  1. Unless you are a big surprise person, I don't think it's a big deal to spill the beans pre-wedding. Because really, it's just…stuff, until you wear it on your wedding day, and that's when it becomes special. Last night it was just some cute shoes and jewelry in a box on your bed. When you are wearing it as a bride on your wedding day that is TOTALLY different. Seeing those little details beforehand does NOT change in the slightest how special it will be when we see you on your wedding day.

  2. I agree with Kyle. Plus it is fun to share these details with friends and I am glad you consider us your friends 🙂

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