Personalized Insurance coverage

I went to buy some medical insurance today… and was told that the insurance sales people make house calls.
How so very 1950s.
So now I’m waiting for him to call me so that we can coordinate a time for him to come to my mom’s house, explain my medical coverage options and sell me some insurance – all in the comfort of my own home.
I swear, sometimes it seems like you’re living in another decade here in Chile. How can one country have so much technology and modern amenities and at the same time be so old school? I’m intrigued…

In other news: I did get the checking account approved… booya!!!

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2 thoughts on “Personalized Insurance coverage

  1. Wow, at least there you have the option to buy your own health insurance! Here, they'd disqualify you in a heartbeat if you had any pre-existing condition.

    Being in the field of health care, I'd love to hear from you about the medical system there once you sign up and begin getting treatment.

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