Oh really? Anti-bride? Ha!!

Fine, so maybe I’m not that much of an anti-bride… so sue me!

It turns out, I am kinda getting into the fun of this whole wedding planning. It’s not the usual, little-girl-dream of a wedding, but more so, it’s just plain fun to plan events and the details surrounding it. I realize this now. I can also now admit that it took finalizing Gonzalo’s divorce to truly propel me into the mayhem of the wedding planning.

My wedding date is set for April 17th and I have a venue and a photographer confirmed (btw, obsessed with both). Believe it or not I also have Save-the-Dates (to be mailed out in the U.S. AS WELL AS in Chile) and we have our wedding website. Further, we’ve registered for some items at four stores in the U.S. I feel like I’m ahead of the game for someone who some time back claimed to be the anti-bride.

I find that it’s fun also because G is super into it as well. Actually, it’s more like I research and find images of things we may both like and put them into a Power Point presentation. When he gets home we discuss and vote. A very corporate spin to things considering he’s too busy to actually do the researching with me. He *is* however, all about the discussing details and how we can make our wedding “different” for Chilean standards (which, let’s face it, won’t be hard with someone who’s basically gringa involved in more than half of it.)

I get a little unmotivated when I come across details that mean a big deal to me, for which Chile has LITTLE TO NO SOLUTIONS!! And by this I mean flowers. Hello?!! Where does one go in Chile to discuss the fabulous-ness of flowers with someone who isn’t about to throw carnations into the mix? I’m at a loss on this realm and it’s really frustrating me!! I’m not sure what I’ll do here … I’m hoping a solution falls in my lap… or at least I’ll wait until next week when I go to boutiques to try on wedding dresses. I’m sure someone there will have a lead to give me. If not, I’m sure you’ll hear about it since I’ll rant to NO END on my blog…

So that’s where it’s at right now. I’m glad to be planning this and nothing would mean more to me than to have people here to share that day with me. I did the registry thing just because it was advised that I do it rather than not do it. So there it is. But really, this is just as fun without gifts.

Oh except for the invitation part. That part truly sucks a**. I don’t recommend it at all and I’m treating it like taking off a band aid in one sweep.

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6 thoughts on “Oh really? Anti-bride? Ha!!

  1. Xime:
    Hay millones de floristas, florerías y diseñadores que preparan arreglos hermosos, para la iglesia o el ramo. No recuerdo el nombre del diseñador que hizo mi ramo, pero era maravilloso y tal como yo se lo pedí. Busca acá, tal vez puedas encontrar algo http://www.denovios.cl/Guia/pag_guia_busqueda_4.asp?idB=2 (también hay datos de invitaciones… hay unas hermosas y super distintas, y si no encuentras nada, siempre hay alguna amiga diseñadora gráfica que te puede ayudar, o no?
    Un beso

  2. Ohhh!!! Let me tell you! There is an amazing huuuuge flower market in Santiago where you can buy the cheapest flowers you will ever find. It's the place where all the florists buy their flowers. I am buying my flowers there for my wedding. They have the most incredible selections and sooo cheap! I think there are even florists there too.

    But then again, it depends on how "done up" you want your flowers. I'm doing the flowers on my own and don't care for the big done up arrangements…so it depends. You're going to have to ask about it because I forget where it is is and what it's called but it's incredible! You should go there anyway just to see how amazing it is!

  3. ^^^she's talking about the Terminal de Flores, by the Quilicura exit leaving Santiago towards the North. That place seriously rocks. Although I don't know how DIY you are, or like Lucie said how into big arrangements you are…

    And PS. Thanks for being obsessed with me 😛 You don't have to write nice stuff about me in the blog just because you know I read it!

  4. I went to a wedding in Patronato in September and the flower arrangements were absolutely gorgeous. Definitely professionaly done. I'll see if I can get the dato, for you and other brides who might be out there.

  5. Heather, that would be awesome!
    Kyle and Lucie … I'm so not a DIYer… like at all. But good dato anyway since it's great for other occasions or even home!!
    Kyle, OF COURSE I have to state my obsession! I can't help it! :oP

  6. Yay! I don't so much care whether you're an anti-bride or not – as I said in your previous post, I thought your "simple" wedding sounded totally romantic – but I'm glad that with the divorce finalized you can really enjoy this moment. And I think your wedding is going to be fabulous. One question: why are invitations so awful? Just having to address and send millions of them?

    Have fun trying on dresses! And for what it's worth, if G is ever sick of the PowerPoint presentations (cracked me up), I am happy to talk shop with you.

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