It’s occurred to me …

… that I’m getting MARRIED in 2.2 seconds.

The whole reason I’m here in Chile, the culmination of months of planning, wanting to pull my hair out and cry and all things in between IS HAPPENING this Saturday. Crrrraaaaaaazy.

I can’t say I feel like a bride who’s about to partake in her wedding. I still don’t feel that. I do feel really excited that my Uncle Pato is here and it’s becoming more of a reality with tomorrow night’s impending Rehearsal Dinner with the fam. I’m having a Rehearsal dinner??? There was once a time when I was sure I’d NEVER get married. Who’d want to marry me? The one who’d been cheated on and who could only manage to find guys that needed all kinds of maturing?

Ah yes, but this one did find an awesome guy and this one IS getting married. In exactly 48 hours I’ll be someone’s wife and I’ll have acquired a husband – just like that!

This week has been full of sh*t to do for the wedding … starting with Monday when we had to go to Casablanca (the small, nowhere town where the winery is located) to do the “manifestación,” where one goes and gives the information of the witnesses who will bear witness to the actual marriage on the day and also to confirm the time and location of the wedding. That was fun… especially that one part when we realized the car had died … in the middle of nowhere, farm town Chile. I was sure the evil-ex had some voodoo doll of us and was messing with our technical fluidity when out of nowhere my fully charged iPhone just DIED due to “low battery.” Strange things are afoot at the Circle K … for sure. Needless to say we made it back to Santiago. And today has entailed ALL KINDS of running around – the kind of stuff I’ve read about on other blogs and have heard brides talk about when they discuss their wedding … that was my day today and OMG it’s my day tomorrow. Don’t even get me started …

In between all that I have to 1) work and 2) study for a quiz on chapters I need to read for class … of which I’m about 3 behind … and each one is nothing short of a zillion pages long – IN SPANISH just for sh*ts and giggles. Oh – and did I mention I have a high maintenance puppy??

Yes, I’m personally stressed but I have to say that the Chilean vendors did pull through and rally these last two weeks before the wedding. It would seem that all things are in order – thankfully enough. I’m sure you all remember my previous rants about said topic… I digress.

The bottom line is this: I’m going to be a married muffin and I really, really adore the guy I get to marry. Simply put – he’s the best. I can’t believe that I’m going through this amazing experience of planning a wedding and then partaking in everything we planned so diligently and put so much thought into.

No, I’m not the ultimate Bride.
Yes, I’m currently more stressed about school than I am when thinking about Saturday.
No, I don’t have wedding vows yet.
Yes, I’m a slacker.
And no, you can’t borrow my chapstick.

Until Sat then folks … single me has ass to kick and names to take.

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3 thoughts on “It’s occurred to me …

  1. You mostly have vows! Give yourself some credit 🙂

    I can't wait until Saturday. Anything that doesn't get done between now and then I hope you just forget about it on Saturday and enjoy your day!

  2. yay! i totally feel you on being a weird bride. i was like um law school v/s wedding planning. and law school took that cake. i am SO relieved to hear that you are just plain old excited and seemingly non-stressed about the sitch. the fact is you ARE marrying an AMAZING man and that is so totally the only important thing right now. that said, i'm sure the party is going to be gorgeous but, on that end, you really can't go wrong with a gorgeous vineyard. i can NOT WAIT to see how beautiful you will surely look and then chit chat about it with you at schillers in like, um, 2 weeks. CONGRATS Ms. Soon-to-be-married. And PS, i'm ignorigng that "who would want to marry me" comment. no se but something tells me you were never destined to not be a MM (married muffin). xo

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