I’m about to slap this day silly

How perfectly unacceptable has my day been? Seriously, from beginning to end (so far) it’s been less than stellar and I’m beyond depressed about it.

Actually only two things make the list:

A window washer guy, pissed at me for yelling a frantic “no” to him so that he WOULDN’T pretty please wash my windshield, proceeded to squirt the bottle of filthy soap water on said windshield, using his squeegee to smear this gross concoction all over it. All.Over.It. Spread, spread, spread … and then he walked away leaving my windshield with a film of dirty, crusty soap water through which I couldn’t see.

So, yeah. That was fun.

Then today my boss and I had a meeting with the Mall Plaza people in a section of Santiago called Huechuraba. Usually in cabs I never tend to put my seat belt on but today thankfully I decided to do so because, oh, about 20 minutes later another car decided to plunge into the driver’s side of the taxi we were sitting in, tossing everyone and everything about, except for me. I was strapped in you see, like a good Californian. I knew it was just a matter of time before I’d be in some kind of accident here in Chile. If you’re a follower on Twitter, you’re then keen to the fact that I live in a city full of asshole drivers and though I know I didn’t have the privilege of livingĀ  in LA where the rest of the asshole drivers live, I take what I know … AND WHAT I KNOW IS: Chile has got some A-S-S-H-O-L-E drivers. It’s just too bad that today I had to literally cross paths with one.

And to put the final cherry on top, today my husband hates me. Marriage is hard sometimes, all this cohabitation and getting used to the in’s and out’s of one another. I’ve heard that the first year is hard and I’ve got to say that I’ve been lucky in that I don’t really think that my first year has been bad. But today. Today has been coupled with all of the above. And though I’m sad that my husband just left without saying goodbye (yes, WITHOUT saying goodbye) I know that he’ll be back (after all, his computer is here) and I hope we can perhaps get off on a lighter foot. At some point. I hope.

Great. I just named three things when I thought there were just two. So now I’m more depressed. Oy.

For now I’ve decided that today was less than stellar and so, me and my glass o’vino blanco are going to my room to watch “Pulp Fiction” – newly acquire, but forever cherished.

That movie always makes me feel like a bad ass and I kind of want to act out this particular scene (minus the guns, of course):

Now, I’m willing to bet that this chick never feels like she’s had a bad day.

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3 thoughts on “I’m about to slap this day silly

  1. f-ing love pulp fiction. and vino blanco. if it makes you feel better it’s 930 and i’m totally still at work and trying to figure out what is the least amount of sleep that a human possibly needs to get through 1 more day until my long weekend which gives me not 2 but 3 full days- not to relax but to study for the last part of my final exam which i take next week in the middle of 4Q earnings. i’m sorry about your accident. that’s horrible. thank goodness you’re ok. don’t worry about ole G, $hit happens – well, to most of us, i guess there are those couples that never fight – but then it unhappens and making up is a glorious thing. god i wish i was in summer in chile drinking wine and watching pulp fiction right now. and eating a mcroyal w/cheese instead of this disgustign health food that i ordered in. ugggghh.

    1. well Numero 1, i’m so glad you are ok after the accident so that should be a plus on the postive list :). To play a game of what could possibly worse, haha, I just had to spend two nights and over 48 hours in the Miami airport since zero flights could fly into Charlotte, and somehow my luggage ended up in Laguardia so who knows if I’ll ever see them again… On a happy note, it’s almost the WEEKEND, yay!

    2. Glad to hear you are ok from those bad Chilean drivers. I tried to drive down there, but i failed at the clutch, i didnt even get out of the parking lot. as for LA drivers, i have to defend them. I’ve lived there for 9 yrs, and yes, they (we) r all assholes on the road, but there’s like this code of honor, u expect everyone to drive bad and the whole system works out. Every one just dodges, weaves, and cuts everyone off.

      As for everything else, i’m sure its nothing some good pisco cant fix.

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