First day

Today was the first day of my new job.

I have both good news and bad news so which do you want first? I’m a masochist myself so I’ll start with the bad news: I have no idea what’s going on.

The good news is that I’m the boss.

Though, upon closer inspection, I’m pretty sure that one, combined with the other, is bad news all around. Who wants a boss that has no idea which way is up? In any case, at least I don’t have my head up my ass, which I’m pretty sure is far worse than being clueless.

I realize it’s to be expected. And from what I can tell, the people I’ll be working with are are pretty solid team. This only makes me feel bad that they’re somehow getting the short end of the stick, but I’ll try to have a little more faith in myself and assume that from here until the week of December 6th, I’ll be a wicked guru with mad skills in all things *S* (codename for my new co.)

Today wasn’t a typical first day at the office. Without getting into major specifics (after all, I’d like to keep my new job pretty please), today’s work day consisted of spending an entire day at a store in the mall. The reason for this is that I can’t do my day-t0-day office job or fulfill my corporate role without first understanding the day in and day out of the mall part. I gotta tell you, it’s been a loooooong ass time since I’ve worked in a mall, or even in retail, and it’s hard on the body. My feet, hips and legs are hating life right now and that’s with thinking ahead and making sure I wore  flats on my first day! I used to work at the Gap when I was in college and since then (think well over 10 years ago) I haven’t worked with customers in a retail environment and I’ve especially never worked with customers in a Chilean retail environment. Not that it’s very different, from what I can remember. In fact, the Chilean version is fancier because I’m required to be at the fancier malls of Santiago. A fancier mall means that the customers are from a higher socio-economic background and this was quite evident earlier in the day, with Annies parading here and there in their baggy garb, high heels and stringy hair echoing their desperate need of a haircut.

But that’s not my point.

The point is that my hips hurt. This morning when I left I couldn’t even be nervous about my first day because all I could think about was how awful my outfit looked with the black flats I logically concluded I needed to wear. Those were a good idea obviously, considering the pain that comes with working in retail, but it makes for one unfashionable and UNsassy me.

Not all is bad news, of course. I learned quite a lot today. I observed, asked questions and interacted with many people. I took lots of notes and I plan to do something magnificent with them so that I can show my boss that she was right to hire me because her sneaking suspicions were correct and that yes, in fact, I am brilliant.

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4 thoughts on “First day

  1. yay! so happy you had a great first day. don’t worry about looking stupid at work – that’s called welcome to corporate america – or chile in your case – (well unless you work in fashion or for yourself) i can honestly tell you that i hate what i’m wearing probably 75% of the time, and only mildly liking it the other 25%. like right now, sweet jesus do i look bad in my ugly ann taylor dress and man-ish banana republic cardigan…at least i’m wearing 4 inch heels. anyways i can’t believe we never discussed working at the GAP. i totally worked there in highschool – i was the best seller ever. well not really but i was pretty good. and the discount was rad. anyways that’s cool that you got to go to the mall w/work – i actually went to a few malls with retail analysts when i was in Chile …walking around and having them explain to foreign investors why things were set up certain ways, info re the chilean “aesthetic” (i’m sorry that needs to go into quotes). and oh boy oh boy do i hear you about the stringy-ass hair. locks of love needs to go to la dehesa and go buck wild on some cuicas. i’m just sayin’. can’t wait to hear more! besos

  2. Congrats on your new gig. I am sure you will find out which way is up in no time. Front line retail is very rough, but I see the value of putting yourelf in the line of fire to understand business and customer needs. I used to personally do this when I was in mkg and it really is the most insightful way. Love your new home by the way!

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