$%@^&$^ Chile!!! Really??

Um… so I’m going to make this short and sweet but it would SEEM like our band (which for NOW will remain nameless until I’m ready to seriously f*&k with their reputation here in Chile) is turning out to be quite flaky.

G got this “dato” from many, many recommendations and even after booking this band himself for a work event. Great show! Responsible crew! They were even the first vendor to offer us a CONTRACT – unheard of here in Chile! Well now if they so choose to make the ever-so-incorrect decision of flaking on our wedding, this contract will be enforced to the Nth degree.

The jerks flaked on tonight’s meeting. This meeting was meant to discuss final song choices, confirmation of play lists, etc, etc. On top of that, this band was supposedly going to provide us with lighting as well as amplification and generator for the entire event. KIND OF MAJE THAT THEY FLAKED TONIGHT!!!

And the thing is, they flaked after weeks trying to get in touch with them. We finally do get in touch with them and hear an excuse of “oh we decided to get married too” … and then they don’t show when we schedule a meeting. WHO DOES THAT?? I’m so sick of NO ONE taking ANYTHING seriously here in Chile! Even when you offer to PAY THEM, they still don’t budge. Even when half their money is riding on just FOLLOWING THROUGH, they do as they please.

The concept of “I’m paying for good service, you better bring it” doesn’t apply here in Chile. NOT.AT.ALL. In fact, we have three weeks left until the wedding, and the vendor who provides the tent FOR THE DINNER, hasn’t responded with a price quote. HELLO!!! We want to pay you f*&kers … what does it take to get you interested in $$$?? PRAY TELL!!!!

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m an angry, disgruntled bride right now … further I can’t BELIEVE how lame Chilean customer service can be at times. What does it take, people?? What …does… it…take?

Pray tell.

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5 thoughts on “$%@^&$^ Chile!!! Really??

  1. Dude, that BLOWS. Where were you supposed to meet them? And had this meeting been confirmed with them prior? That sucks…

  2. why does your blog make my computer ask me to log into twitter to view the page? I dont have twitter so i just click cancel and it seems to work fine but it seems like an odd glitch.

    your wedding planning frusterations make me think that if i ever plan to get married i might as well start sewing my dress and tablecloths now, not to mention build my own church and form a band if i want everything to come off glitch free! i hope everything comes through!!!

  3. Yikes. That is definitely one of the WTF Chile? moments. I'm having more and more of those. Grrr… I hope that you get everything figured out.

  4. Oh god….I can´t believe it…I don´t even know where to start…Arhg! How infuriating!!! Hopefully they come through in the end though! There´s always hope!

  5. oh honey…you need to bust out a serious can of whoop ass…and seriously start planning a plan B..and perhaps C and D. and if A ends up working you can just flake on B, C and D. they probably woulnd't even be surprised. though it's hard when this annoying shit happens, just try to focus on what's most improtant…the groom, the venue, the dress…the rest WILL fall into place…besos

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