Big Pictures – Extent of Earthquake

My cousin had this link on his Facebook page and for some reason looking at these images just really made me realize THAT MUCH MORE the extent of this earthquake. There are images from Santiago that I had no idea existed … areas where the earthquake really did do damage.

And once again, all I can do is thank God for how lucky we are … the Santiago pics are things I haven’t seen around me at all. Thankfully where we live, this is not what we see when we step out the door.


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3 thoughts on “Big Pictures – Extent of Earthquake

  1. Today I am going to post some videos that might make you shit your pants. Well maybe not that bad, but they're pretty bad.

  2. Es increíble ver tanta devastación… en verdad lo único que queda es darle gracias a Dios por estar bien y ayudar a los que no son tan afortunados!

  3. I heard a very sad story on NPR this morning about a resident of a beach town frequented by tourists. He'd run a little fruit and drink stand and had a house on the beach with his family. The WHOLE town was basically flattened by the tsunami that followed the earthquake. So very sad. I'd love to hear more from you as repair/rescue efforts get underway.

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