5 days and counting

I took a hiatus from my new blog project after only two entries. Is that normal? I was out of commish for a few due the aforementioned bachelorette party (which, incidentally, was a roaring success) but since there are only five days left before my life gets shaken up like a snow globe, I had to high tail it back to MP to continue the packing escapade.

There are several topics I want to touch base on in this installment of “The Chronicles of a Chilean Return,” the first one being my Tio Pato. He’s been a trooper with helping me move. Mainly by helping me find a home for each token in my life that will not be traveling back to Chile with me (ugh-almost like a less extreme version of “Sophie’s Choice” but, you know, with material things as opposed to actual people.)

He came in today in full military operation mode and in a matter of three hours my apartment was left with ONLY the items I’ll either be shipping to Chile or carrying with me in one of three suitcases. While we were driving through San Francisco to drop these selected items off at their destination (sad!), we drove below Twin Peaks and at one point he pointed out to the view – arguably the most amazing view in the entire Bay Area – and said “There it is Xime, your home. This is the city that opened its arms to you and housed you when all the opportunities you’ve had in this country came knocking.” I almost choked up but in my usual way, simply answered “SF and I are joined at the hip. We need time apart – she’s getting clingy.” Not that he knew what I was talking about but I did know what he was talking about and it made me sad. Underneath it all I’ve been sad for a few weeks and though I am 200% sure about what I’m doing and where I’m going with this move, I still look around me and think “wow, so that’s it, huh?” It’s poetic that my Tio should be the one to force SF in front of me so I can say a proper goodbye. He was the one who received us at the airport on May 11, 1980. He saw me in and he’ll see me out. And underneath his facade, I know he’s upset about it too. I just keep reminding him I’ll be back in January and hopefully I’ll be successful in convincing him to hop a flight to Chile before then. Between all that I also tell him to not get clingy on me.

That move took about five hours, loading my things, driving them to their new home in SF and driving back to the Peninsula so that I can conclude this packing bit. The movers are coming on Tuesday so basically I had today to get the remaining stuff done.
And done it is… I can’t even recognize

my old apartment in this field of boxes. And don’t even get me started on my “bedroom.” Let’s just say that all I’m missing in order to make this a full CAMP OUT, is the tent. Though this twin sized Eddie Bauer inflatable mattress is proving to be quite handy right now and sure as hell beats sleeping on the floor for the next five nights. I digress from complaining about Camp Dre’s Nekkid Apartment.

Finally, I wanted to share that tomorrow will be very bittersweet for me. After five and a half years working for Viz, tomorrow is my last “official” day as an employee. Of course I’m thankful/stoked/excited/eager to have started my own business that will allow me to keep working on behalf of Viz but nevertheless, I may still get a bit faklempt when I turn over my corporate credit card, company paid cell phone and laptop computer. The company has changed and grown so much since I first started there in 2004 that I’m almost convinced that only about 30% of the employees there have any idea who I am.

This doesn’t bother me so much since I know about 5% of them anyway. What can I say? Eventually it got a bit out of hand and I just couldn’t keep up with the introductions. Call me shallow but don’t say I didn’t try. Viz is quirky and I have a love/hate relationship with it. Mostly I love it but every so often I hate it. Regardless it’s been a bad ass experience for me and I’ve had the chance to travel to so many places (Paris, Cannes, New York, Bogota, Rio de Janiero, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, etc) ON TOP OF THE FACT that, though rather indirectly, Viz made it possible for me to meet my future husband. How could tomorrow be anything less than bittersweet? I’ve decided though that what I’ll miss most about the everyday at Viz is how much I learn just by being immersed in the Japanese culture. It truly has been an amazing ride and one of the most educational times in my life. Irreplaceable indeed (but not the Beyonce “to the left, to the left” kind – just to be clear.)

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  1. awwww…so sweet of your tio and hilarious that you referenced this to sophie's choice (one of my favorite movies, by the way)…sounds like you had(have?) a kick ass job at this Viz place…can't wait to meet you!

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